43rd Annual International
Homecoming Festival


Fun for all ages!

International Homecoming Festival

44th Annual

International Homecoming Festival began in 1974 and continues to bring home family and friends to celebrate the friendship between the two international communities of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada and Calais, Maine, USA.

During the festival, these two communities become one, hosting and attending events held on both sides of the border.  Many enjoy the street fair, children’s games and activities, concerts, craft shows, and so much more, ending with the spectacular Duty Free Americas, Hardwicke’s Fireworks Display!

Each year, our small group of volunteers takes on the challenge of planning the annual festivities and raising the funds to put forth the activities.  It is with support from our local merchants, civic groups, organizations, and citizens that we are able to continue this wonderful festival that benefits our friends, families, and communities of St. Stephen and Calais.

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